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Salisott Parent Coaching an d Certification

First and foremost, at Salisott PCC (formerly known as The Foster Lane), we are humans committed to helping children thrive. 

Where others focus on the children alone, we prioritize giving caregivers the tools to create better relationships with the children in their lives. 

After all, parenting techniques from 50 years ago aren’t effective in today’s world, so by equipping caregivers with the skills and practices that work for their lives, we help families laugh more and yell less.

Our Mission

To give parents the tools to laugh more and yell less and interrupt cycles of generational trauma to make homes safe for children.

What We Believe

Let’s Go There 

Meet people where they are today. Rise to the challenge and recognize unlimited possibility.


Fill our world with hope and fuel positive change. Set healthy boundaries to welcome joy in the journey.

Honor Everyone

Create a judgment-free space. Give each individual a voice and a chance. Empower others to be authentic and own their legacy.

Keep Driving

Show up for each other always. Cultivate confidence through perseverance and be an advocate for yourself and the team.

Educate & Equip

Dig deep into research. Partner together to share knowledge so others can do better, be better and thrive on their own.

Diversity Matters

Everyone at Salisott PCC celebrates diversity and prioritizes inclusivity. We value human rights and equity for all, inclusive of gender, sex, race, and sexual orientation. 

Who We're Hiring

As our team grows, we’re committed to hiring people who fit our values and will absolutely work to get them up to speed with our methodology and training requirements, which include:

  • Our curriculum

  • Non-violent crisis intervention training

  • The Theraplay Institute Level I certification

No one needs to have all of that done to start working with us—we’ll help train you as you onboard with our team.

Want to join our team?

If what you’ve seen so far resonates with your beliefs and approach to life, please consider reaching out to us for one of the positions we’re hiring for:

Workshop Leader: American Sign Language

Lead Empowerment Parenting Workshops for those most comfortable with American Sign Language.


Interested in one of these roles or exploring opportunities to work together?

Click here to apply!