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Parenting children with behaviors is hard.
It's easier as a team!

Certified Parent Coach Sarah Salisott partners with families of children with particularly challenging behaviors. 

You will see your family stabilize and increase your enjoyment of all members in less time than with other parenting services.

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Sarah is uniquely qualified to offer the support you are looking for

Sarah was a level 4 licensed foster parent- with a specialty of fostering teenage girls with mental health struggles which speaks to her ability to partner and navigate parenting struggles with child protective services and the families impacted by the system;

she has personal experience with individuals who struggle with mental heath issues which helps her to be empathetic to participants struggles rather than judge them;

she has a distinctly different parenting style than her parenting partner and has been able to develop a plan in home to leverage everyone's strengths. 

You have tried other services. You have received suggestions from friends, family, and even professional providers. And yet, your family is not making any progress. There is still conflict in home and frustration on everyone's part. 

You want more than a provider who has learned about parenting in a class. You want a provider who has lived similar struggles and is going to help you bring about change.

You know it is hard to find those providers who simultaneously also have experience with Child Protective Services, Comprehensive Community Services, and Children's Long Term Support Waiver.

It's hard, but not entirely impossible...

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Parent Coaching

You are the expert in your family. Team with Sarah to bring out the strengths in your family while decreasing interfamily conflict.


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Parent/Child Coaching

You learn better in the moment. You are looking for more of a "super nanny" to come in and offer realtime feedback on your interactions with your child.

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Parenting Education

You have a love of learning and yet struggle to apply what you've learned. OR you buy all the books and they sit there looking at you... taunting you. Let Sarah do the research and provide up to date, research focused education focused on topics that matter most to you and your family.

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Couple's Relationship Coaching

You and your parenting partner see things... differently. These conflicts are overflowing into parenting and are causing strife in home.

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Couple's Intimacy Coaching

Your intimate life is spilling over into family conflicts. These conflicts are overflowing into parenting and are causing frustrations in home.  

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You or your child identifiy as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community and you want support, education, and/or coaching. 

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The Foster Lane's Approach

Strengths Focused

You know that your family brings strengths to the table.

There are things your family is doing that can be leveraged to overcome parenting struggles.

Your family's strengths plus my knowledge make our partnership thrive!

Utilizing strength based techniques and questioning, your family will start to work through parenting struggles you only dreamt possible!

Evidence Based

You want to want to work with someone who uses tried and true strategies!

You have come to the right place.

Sarah utilizes content that is backed by research, pulling from attachment theory, interpersonal neurobiology, trauma research, and evidence based parenting techniques.

Judgement Free

Parenting, relationships, and intimacy are tough topics to discuss.

You want to feel safe.

You want to feel seen.

You want to be understood.

None of that happens when you feel judged. Sarah meets you where you are and looks past the drama and struggles.

No judgement. Just progress.

Let's be a team. Let's partner together to help your family stabilize, saving your sanity while we are at it!

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