The Foster Lane is offering in person workshops across the state of Wisconsin to parents who are looking to increase knowledge in trauma informed topics.

All workshops are evidence inspired and are focused on helping parents connect trauma informed content to their family!

Workshops will be:

  • 3 hours long
  • In person
  • **Makeups will be available virtually
  • Divided into three parts, each including:
    • Content focused on increasing trauma informed parenting
    • Personal and group reflections on how this content does/does not impact your family. 
      • Reflections on how this content can be used/implemented in home
    • Theraplay™ activities focused on expanding toolbox of activities parents can do with their children to increase connection

Cost: $150/ participant

10 participant minimum for in person workshops

Punishment versus Discipline

Parents will learn the difference between punishment and discipline as well as the impacts of both approaches on a child's brain, relationship between parent and child, as well as the behavior modification likelihood (both positive and negative).


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Parents will learn the basics of attachment science and how this impacts people's view of the world, relationships in general, and parent/child interactions.

Parents will learn an evidence based approach to increasing connection and attachment with their children (and everyone else they interact with!)

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Trauma Impacts

Parents will learn the varied types of trauma that can have an impact on developing minds and bodies.

Parent will learn how different people process trauma, and that no two children experience the same family the same.                                                       .

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