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Resources for parents from The Foster Lane

You’ll never forget that day.

After countless hours of labor, nights spent feeding your new baby and being pestered by nurses, the hospital is finally discharging you.

You successfully completed the home study, safety check, and trainings to obtain your foster home certification. Following weeks on pins and needles, you get the call: you’re getting a placement.

The moment you have long been anticipating has arrived. You’re excited, of course, but underneath your excitement is a feeling of panic. 

Am I ready for this?

You might have known what to expect while you were expecting, but now you feel unprepared for the enormous parenting responsibilities you’re facing. Though your friends and family are well-meaning, their unsolicited advice on everything from diapering to discipline makes you question your abilities even more. 

You thought as your child grew, your job as a parent would get easier, but that hasn’t been the case. In your distress, you search “parenting books” on Amazon. More than 50,000 results! It’s hard enough to find the time to scroll through your options, let alone vet the authors and pick one to buy. And who has time to read? 

 There must be a research study out there that can help! You turn to Google. You get fewer results, but you still don’t know where to begin. The jargon in the summary is confusing, and the study is behind a paywall. 

You’re back where you started: lost on where and how to find the best resources for yourself and your family. Maybe you feel like a failure.

Can I tell you something? You were never meant to do it all. Adding a parent coach to your parenting village stops you from feeling isolated and lets you focus on what really matters to you–your relationship with your child. 

Forget Amazon and Google. Your parent coach has the knowledge and experience to vet, read, and distill the latest scientific research on parenting for you. They become your trusted parenting resource, bringing you the evidence-backed information you need to be the best parent for your child.      

How The Foster Lane Uses Research to Help You With Your Parenting Struggles

If we haven’t met yet, we are The Foster Lane, and we are passionate about helping families laugh more and yell less. We believe parenting is easier as a team, and that’s how it was meant to be done. After navigating countless challenging situations as parents and spending thousands of hours educating ourselves on trauma, child development, and positive parenting, we became parent coaches dedicated to helping families succeed. The Foster Lane was founded in 2016 by Sarah Salisott, and we obtained our NGLCC certification and Woman-owned certification in 2021.

We’ve been in your shoes, feeling confused and overwhelmed and unsure of where to get the support we needed. We’ll let you in on a secret–it’s normal for you to not be able to keep up with parenting research or the latest guidance. But we don’t want you or any other parents to feel hopeless or lost. Our team reads the latest scientific research on parenting so you don’t have to.

One area of research we are particularly interested in is trauma-informed parenting. Our founder has lived and learned with kids whose trauma presented as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, behavioral problems, and beyond. The trauma they experienced in their childhoods affected their development, emotional well-being, and overall health. This experience has guided her passion to lead the company, and we live our values to meet people where they are and help them reach their goals. 

We are still learning! Trauma-informed parenting is being heavily studied. Each month we receive an incredible amount of original research, and we make it a priority to read it, discuss it, see how this research will help our families, and stay on top of the latest insights. Why? Here’s a key reason: A recent study proves that a parent’s confidence in their abilities and sense of satisfaction in parenting has a direct link to childhood mental health, which impacts adult mental health. As a society, we need to shift from reactive intervention to prevention and health promotion. We want to help parents like you early in their parenting journeys to change the trajectory for you and your children!

One of The Foster Lane’s core values is to educate and equip. We embody this by digging deep into research to give you the knowledge you need to apply what you learn from our workshops and coaching. Our goal is to guide you so you can do better, be better, and thrive on your own.

Are You Ready to Find Your Parenting Village?

If you’re tired of doing the hard work of parenting alone, register for one of our workshops! Our workshops connect you with other parents facing similar parenting struggles. In a 3-hour session, we’ll share educational resources for parents and give you the tools you need to feel more confident in your parenting. Find your parenting village at The Foster Lane.

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