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Families are not one size fits all. Neither should your parenting service. 

If you are looking for support in parenting a child who exhibits challenging behaviors, we have a service to help!

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Welcome to the Foster Lane

Paperback or eBook

Welcome to The Foster Lane: Parenting Advice from a Coach Who's Been There walks you through common challenges that occur when parenting a child in foster care and offers practical solutions that are able to be implemented TODAY!


As a trauma trained educator, I have trained thousands of foster parents over the years and have been looking for a practical, easy to read book to recommend to new foster parents and I’m happy to say “Welcome to the Foster Lane” is it. 

Sarah has hit the ball out of the park with her soon to be #1 Best Seller. Full of practical advice, this book is a must read for any adult touched by foster care or adoption. 

Sarah’s honesty makes you feel validated, her words like a much needed warm hug to our often times weary spirits. 
Looking forward to her next book!

 -Paulette Drankiewicz

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Parenting Online Course

Attachment Focused

A deeper connection with your child is just one click away.

Learn the different attachment styles

Learn how your attachment style impacts your parenting

Walk away with a simple strategy you can use with all relationships to deepen attachment and connection

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Adult Only Coaching

One on One Parent Coaching

Parent coaching that is one on one (or two for coupled adults) allows parents to learn new skills while discussing present day struggles. 

Clients meet weekly via Zoom for 45 minutes.

The sessions are typically set up in the following fashion:

  • 5-10 minute check in on the week.
  • 30 minute chat re current struggles and possible approaches/ some content review.
  • 5 minute recap/homework assigned.

This style works best for parents who are able to chat through current struggles and implement strategies in their home each week.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is best situated for a group of 4-5 adults who are in similar parenting situations. This coaching is set to take the group through pre-determined content while custom fitting each session to the present day parenting struggles of the participants.

Groups meet weekly via Zoom for 45 minutes.

The sessions are typically set up in the following fashion:

  • 10-15 minute check in (total) of the week.
  • 25 minute chat re current struggles and possible approaches/ heavy content review.
  • 5 minute recap/homework assigned.

This style works best for parents who do well in groups and do best hearing about other parent's struggles and successes.

Parent and Child Together Coaching

Parent/Child Interaction

Structured parent/child interactions utilize Theraply™ principles and are structured to support the parent/child attachment, increase the zones of regulation for the child, and help parents and children learn new ways of engaging together.

Clients meet weekly via Zoom for 45 minutes.

The sessions are typically set up in the following fashion:

  • Fun entrance into the play space.
  • Check for hurts.
  • 4 activities that are pre-planned and structured by Sarah (eventually transitioning the structuring to mom or dad).
  • Song.
  • Book and snack.
  • Silly exit of the play space.

This engagement works best for parents who are looking for hands on support and examples of ways to interact with their children while simultaneously increasing parental attachment.

Parent/Child Realtime Coaching

Sometimes the best coaching happens in the moment- kind of like Supper Nanny. 

This can be a single event or repeating depending on parent/child needs. 

The sessions are typically set up in the following fashion:

  • 45 minute call with parent(s) and Sarah to discuss parental concerns.
  • Parent sets up camera in corner of room.
  • Parent and child interact as they typically would.
  • Sarah "notices" and helps parents "notice" cues children give off. Sarah helps parents respond in new ways on the spot.
  • 45 minute post zoom to discuss what went well, what was noticed, what the parents noticed, as well as to develop strategies for future parent/child interactions.

This style works best for parents who struggle to identify where there are relationship/parenting challenges and are open to in the moment coaching.

Sound Immersion

Sound Immersion with Mary Bushke

 Do you struggle with relaxation and regulation? If so, this service is right for you. Sound immersion is the deliberate playing of gongs for the purpose of increasing regulation and relaxation setting you up with the ability to respond rather than react to life's stressors. 




45 Minute to 1.5 Hour Single Session

Are you hosting a conference and want a speaker who engages your audience around parenting struggles? 

Single workshop topics include:

  • Attachment
  • Punishment versus Discipline
  • Parenting Styles
  • Dysregulation
  • Trauma
  • Connection
  • Playful ways to help your children comply
  • Other topics may be developed to suit audience

8 Week Series

Are you an organization with a group of parents who want to stop yelling and come to a point of peace with their children? Are your organization's parents tired of repeating the same behaviors and seeing the same results? Does your group have the ability to commit to an 8 week series? If so, this series might be right for you. The 8 week series is designed to be taken as a whole- or as stand alone sections if schedules don't all for all 8 weeks. 

These topics are able to be shortened to 8- one hour workshops and are able to be 8- full day workshops depending on the needs and time abilities of your parents.

8 week workshop series:

  1. Why traditional parenting approaches don't work for trauma 
  2. Attachment- My Kids and I 
  3. Punishment vs. Discipline
  4. Why Play Matters- Even for Teens 
  5. Dysregulation (1)
  6. Dysregulation (2)
  7. Talking So Your Kids Will Listen
  8. Engaging So Your Kids Will Talk

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