Parent Coaching Services

Our 1:1 parent coaching services help families dive deep to learn realistic strategies that work in today’s world.

1:1 Parent Coaching Services

Empowerment Parenting by The Foster Lane works 1:1 with a handful of families every year. 1:1 coaching spaces are limited, so we recommend starting with our Empowerment Parenting Workshops to learn about our methodology.

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Goals of 1:1 Coaching

When parents come to us looking for solutions to our problems, the first thing we say is that we don’t have answers, we just have really good questions.

There are so many factors that go into your family’s unique situation, so instead of prescribing a solution, we dive in to understand.

 Ultimately, it’s your goals that matter. So we set out to help you figure out what that goal looks like and how to get there. 

Then once we find out what that looks like for you, it’s about practicing until you “graduate” confidently able to tackle challenges that arise.

One thing to note: 

We don't practice until we get it right, we practice until you can't get it wrong.

The Empowerment Parenting Coaching Process

Get to Know You

We talk about your problems, how they’re manifesting, and try to understand why they’re showing up.

Dive into Research

Brain science is a part of every conversation. We’ll show you what the research says and talk about what that could mean for your family.

Solutions Coaching

Finding a solution that works doesn’t come from us. It comes from you. We’ll help you figure out what shifts you can make with the research in mind.

Practice, practice, practice

Every time we meet, we’ll explore how your solution is working and any ways to tweak it so it works for you. Then we practice until you can’t get it wrong.

Tears and Cheers

Tears because it is over; cheers because you are ready to graduate! Graduation isn’t about having the perfect family all the time. That’s not realistic. You graduate when you can tackle problems as they arise.

Want to work together one-on-one?

Great! We’d love to help your family. Just reach out to us below. (Head’s up: there may be a 3-6 month wait.)

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Empowerment Parenting by The Foster Lane is the one and only One Stop Shop

“I spent almost 4 years trying different services, therapeutic approaches, & mentor programs until FINALLY the stars aligned just a year ago and I met Sarah, through Foster Lane! Sarah has helped my family have a better quality of life. Sarah with FOSTER LANE is what I would call the 1 and only One Stop Shop. She addressed any and all matters, including coaching and mentoring me through every step of the way.

TO anyone who reads this LONG message, please know this is all from my heart, coming from a single-mother of 4 who struggled for years in finding the light at the end of the tunnel. Sarah and her services are worth it well over 100%!!”

— Lindsey 

Want a faster solution to your parenting challenges?

Our parenting classes are the fastest way to get answers. With 3-4 offered every month in multiple languages, they’re an affordable solution to find the answers you need.

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The lessons in this course are invaluable and should be recommended to all parents, new and seasoned. 

“We really enjoyed the course and the fact that it focused on problem solving to build a healthier/positive relationship with our son. The lessons in this course are invaluable and should be recommended to all parents, new and seasoned. The strategies will work because they are based on common elements of positive approaches, encouragement, genuine listening and heartfelt human connection. Thank you for offering this course!”


Ready to bring laughter back into your home?

Whether you’re here because what you’ve been doing hasn’t solved your family’s problems, you just want to find a better way to parent in today’s world, or somewhere in between, Empowerment Parenting would love to help you.

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