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adoption foster foster care support support group support system May 24, 2020

Hello, all, Mama S here,

I was chatting with some foster parents last week and they said that they are struggling with Covid 19 as it relates to their children. I reminded them about the foster care online support group that I host every other Wednesday evening.  Parenting in the times of Covid 19 is something that none of us were prepared for, let alone prepared to do it alone with just our children to keep us company! The great news is, you don’t have to do it alone.

Every session there are parents that jump on the foster care online support group ready to chat about their triumphs and struggles. Parents that join the group are looking for a listening ear or may be looking to just hear what others are going through with their children so that they don’t feel alone.

The format is straight forward. Join the foster care online support group via zoom… don’t have a zoom account? That’s OK, once you register you will receive a link to click at the time of the session- no account required (you will need the app).

Covid 19 is taking us all, including our children, by storm. Join other foster and adoptive parents and hear their tips and tricks on how they are helping keep their sanity and helping support and connect with their children in these trying times.

Need an example of what we may chat about? If I were a member of the foster care online support group this week, I would chat about helping my children make choices and having the strength to sit by and watch them make mistakes. Our oldest is almost ready for college…*gasp*… and she came to me last week with concern in her eyes and fear in her voice. She had a problem and didn’t know how to move forward. Her school was setting up scheduled sessions for students and they directly contradicted with her work schedule. I simply asked her what her thoughts were and who she had spoken with so far. She told me that she should probably talk with her teacher to see if that was the only time that they could meet and explain about work. I said that sounded like a great idea and asked if she wanted to work through verbiage. She said no and I smiled and sent her on her way. Our children need us to be a sounding board as they get older, they don’t need us to solve everything for them. Our daughter needed someone to bounce an idea off of and ensure that she was on the right page and then a person to come back to after she gave it a shot. If I were a parent at the foster care online support group, I may have presented that as “I don’t know what to do when my daughter comes to me for advice”. The group that joins would be more than happy to offer help and a listening ear to your concerns.

We are all in this together. Covid 19 will not sink our ships! Not if we band together for support.

Biggest Hugs,


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