6. Approval!!

adoption foster foster care kids pre-placement Apr 05, 2016

Hey there! Sarah here. WE ARE APPROVED! We got the email from our licensing worker last night as we were sitting down for dinner with a dear friend of ours. We couldn’t be more excited. Now we just have to meet up with our licensing worker to get copies of our license and get a few more resources that are available to us as foster parents. Well, that and wait for THE call. We are open to being called 24/7 for placement so it could be any point.


A few posts ago I was rambling on about not feeling prepared, well, multiply those emotions by 20k! Now that we could be called at any moment our emotions are heightened. We had our first conversation about if today is a good day to take placement… We were told in class that we should have that conversation every morning so that we are on the same page when the phone rings. We will see how that works for us.

On another exciting note, we decided to buy a car this past weekend! My Juke was a wonderful car and I loved it more than any other vehicle I have ever owned but it didn’t fit the car seat very well. We are buying another Nissan. This time, a Rogue SL. It is very fancy and has the leather seats Alex strongly suggested we get! She details our car and getting dog fur and crumbs out of the fabric has been a headache. I’ll post pictures of the new car once we take delivery.

Not much more to say until we get our placement! So now we wait…

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