58. An open letter to our daughter’s social workers

adoption foster foster care kids Mar 16, 2019

Good morning,

You may not know this, but we have gotten out of bed some days simply because of your support. We have gotten ready for the day with confidence that you helped us build. We have tackled emergency situation after emergency situation with a calmness that you helped us find. We snuggled our daughters a little harder because you reminded us of what trauma can do a brain. We welcomed in a sixteen-year-old daughter with no notice because you helped us see that our family was set up to be able to handle the additional challenges. We are about to adopt a teenager because you helped us see what our lives would be like with her as our forever daughter.

~The Salisotts

So many people look to the foster parents with awe and speak about all the great work they are doing. Today, I encourage you to look to the Social Workers of the world and take a moment to appreciate all they do. Without caring and encouraging social workers, many foster parents would struggle more than might otherwise. May we always remember the people that helps us do our best work. May we always remember and thank those that build us up and help when we have fallen down.

So today, and every day, we thank ALL the social workers of the world. We see your long hours. We see your pained expressions when families and kiddos are struggling. We hear the weariness in your voice when you have been dealing with crises. We see you. We thank you a million times over. We would not be where we are today without you!

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