37. Foster Parent Champions

adoption foster foster care kids Apr 27, 2018

Mama S here. Mama A and I are foster parent champions. Some may know the term, others possibly not. What that means is, we are always talking to people about becoming foster parents. We share our story with limited details, we talk about the positives and some of the struggles, we write a blog to bring people along in our journey, we do all sorts of research on foster parenting strategies and share that with peers, and we invite people into our home to talk about what it all means and how they can get involved.

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That is what we are doing next week. We are inviting people into our home to talk about this crazy journey we are on. Opening our hearts to show people the love we have for the kiddos, whether they be temporary or long term. Invite workers from our agency to answer questions people may have about how they can get involved with the agency (if they choose). But most importantly, talk about what we can do for the kiddos.

Does coming to our house mean you leave with a kid? No. That’s not even a possibility. Get that out of your head. Coming to talk with us about foster care means inching toward the possibility of helping a kid in need in whatever way fits in with your current life. Does that mean offering meals to foster parents? Possibly. Offering to help run errands for a family that took in a sibling set? A consideration. Taking the step to be licensed to be a respite provider (Trained and vetted babysitter.) Maybe. Or taking the first step in becoming a foster parent? Sure, that’s a possibility too.

You see, it takes a village to raise a kid. It takes a different village to raise a foster kiddo. The rules are different. The people are different. Not bad. Not scary. But different. There is a different language. Different rules. Different perceptions. The great news is, there are already people there to help you along the way. Mama A and I for sure, but there is a whole network of people in the fostering community to help you along your path. You could join that team in whatever way works for you.

So, come on to our house on the 5th of May (2018) and learn about what ways you can put your (family’s) strengths to work to help our kids in need. Remember, there is zero possibility of leaving with a kiddo, there is a 1,000% possibility of leaving with information that can help you decide what is next for you (your family).

If you are interested, or know someone who is, please reach out to us – you can call, text, email, or message through this page- and we will provide all the details!

Until we meet again,

Mama S

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