23. A Busy Summer

adoption foster foster care kids Jul 18, 2017

Mama A here!

Can you believe that it is already mid- July? Where has the summer gone? We know it has been awhile since we have shared an updated and we apologize! Let me catch you up real quick.
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Surgery: On June 26th I had surgery and then on July 3rd Mama S had surgery! Our surgeries were nothing too serious. I ended up with a wicked scar that is about 8 inches long and Mama S ended up with a stitch. The favorite joke in our house for a week was that snitches get stitches. The three of us laughed and laughed at that! We are both doing well. We both had some health concerns that needed to be taken care of before things got worse and we have great medical teams that took very good care of us. We have been trying to lay a little low in order to heal properly, but life keeps pushing us forward. What could make us do more than lay on the couch?! Buying a new house!!

House: We started looking at houses on June 15th. That was the first time we popped into a home considering it for purchase…  While I was in the hospital on June 26th we were notified that our offer on a cute house was accepted! We close on our house tomorrow (July 19th) and we move on Saturday! Needless to say, things in our house have been a little crazy! We picked our house because it has the space we need to take in teenagers, a backyard for cookouts and bonfires, a great school district for any number of kids to attend. We can’t wait to share pictures once the house is ours! Can you believe it… we bought a house in less than 5 weeks from the day we started looking!!

Visitor: Our summer has been nice. We have had the pleasure of hanging out with a sweet young lady for respite the past six weeks. You may recall us sharing about the Little Lady that stayed with us over Easter break and for a weekend a few months ago. While she was with us she attended a day camp for a few weeks as a Counselor In Training. She was loved at the camp by staff and campers alike. The counselors always wanted her in her group and the young campers adored her. It was a great experience and we believe it helped her open up a bit. We fixed up a bike we had so she could get herself to camp. Mama S dropped her off on the rainy days but if she biked she was able to sleep in a little bit longer. What teen doesn’t want more sleep?!

Little Lady has stayed with us in the past for shorter stays and Mama S and I were open to the fact that if there was a shift in her case where they would be looking for an adoptive resource, we would be open to be considered. While she was with a member of her team, they brought up the possibility of staying with us permanently. She is old enough for her wants to be considered when making these decisions and at this time she wants to stay where she is. She has (non-biological) siblings where she is and she has a close bond with them. She has friends in her city and there is a boy… at this age isn’t there always?   In any event, she is always welcome to visit or stay if situations change. Until then, we keep our doors open for the right kiddo and start to get settled into our new home. Oh, and rest up from surgery when we have time!

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