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22. Finding the Right Fit

adoption foster foster care kids May 03, 2017

Mama S here. Mama A recently decided to open our home to teenagers and within a few days we got a call! There was a little girl that lives a ways away from where we do that is being moved from her home. Our worker was out of the office on vacation so another person called us with the referral. We asked a series of questions and determined that we would like to meet her. We were put in touch with the current foster mom and were immediately blown away by her kindness, her caring for this little lady, and her willingness to share stories and information in an attempt to help us make the best decision and to make the pre-placement visit go as smoothly as possible.  [youtube

The love and caring that this mom showed for her foster child radiated through the messages and phone calls and I was in awe. So often we hear stories about foster parents that make us question the system, I wish more people could speak with this family to see how amazing so many foster families truly are.

Our worker came back into the office and we chatted about the possibility of this placement and we chatted for over an hour about our concerns and possible outcomes. Again, I was blown away with how caring and supportive our worker was. It was clear that she wanted the best fit for all involved. No pressure to move forward in either way.

The day came that I drove out to pick up this little lady and brought her back to our home. We had a good visit and she did a really great job with the dogs. We brought her to meet her foster dad on Sunday and went home and talked about the weekend.

She was a really nice kiddo and there were so many bright points about her that we were considering placement, but there were a few points of concern that we had, so we were hesitant.

On Monday, I called our worker and detailed out the weekend. She listened thoughtfully and let me get it all out. When I was done, I had said that we would possibly consider placement but we were worried about if it was the right fit. Right then our worker did the most amazing thing. She told me that if we are concerned that it might not be the best fit that it is OK and highly encouraged to say no. She talked with me about the fact that we need to do what is best for the kiddos in care and if we don’t think that we are the right fit for them that it is our responsibility to say so so that the kiddo ends up in the best home for them. She agreed that we could be a good home for her, but said that if we were concerned about it being the wrong fit that she (little lady) would feel that and it could do more harm. I breathed a sigh of relief and said that we would like to pass.

This experience re-energized Mama A and me. Within this 2 week period we saw the most loving, caring, and passionate foster family, we met a delightful kiddo that will do great in the right home, and we saw our worker look out for the best interest of the kiddo and us. Sometimes fostering is really hard. Some days it makes you want to pull your hair out and scream in frustration, but some days you sit back and smile knowing that there are a ton of really great people in this mission of caring for kiddos and are thankful that you were called to be one of those people.

We will keep you posted on the next placement, whenever that happens!

Mama S

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