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2. Preparing the room!

adoption foster foster care kids pre-placement Mar 23, 2016

Hello, Sarah here. Preparing the room, what an adventure for our relationship. I’ve heard that doing remodels can strain even the best relationships. Looking back I am proud to say that we did not have any disagreements, squabbles, or harsh feelings toward one another throughout the whole process.

So, how did this process start? Well, first off, it took a couple of months. When we first started the process we knew that the office would be our child’s room. There were a few problems with that:

1) There was a TON of stuff in that room that had to be re-homed elsewhere in the apartment. That process took a couple of months as we had to clean up the attic to store things, had to move the two desks to the great room, had to go through all the things and find new homes for the random things.

2.) There was a large picture window in the room and those don’t open. That wouldn’t fly for the walk through. We asked my mom and step dad to come in and replace the window. Then asked Alex’s dad to come in and drywall around the window and finish the wall off.

3.) We had NOTHING for a child’s room. I think that was the most fun part in the process. We got to go around to various places and find individual pieces that suited our gender/age neutral room. Plus, we got a ton of help from my mom. She made the curtains and is in the process of drawing us pictures to decorate the walls!

Finally, we decided we couldn’t put off the room any longer. The final walk-through was in 2 weeks and Easter was the weekend in between there. Alex taped off the walls and I got started on the painting. We needed 2 coats to cover the green! After the paint was dried, we hung the shelves (Alex did a great job with installing the drywall anchors and even tried her hand at the dewalt. I was so proud!) and brought everything else into the room.

We have a few more things to do, but if we took placement tomorrow we would be just fine!

This is a HUGE thank you to everyone that came together to help make this room as beautiful as it is today:

Alex- my beautiful fiance. You went outside your comfort zone to paint, install drywall anchors, and to use a power screwdriver. You took all feedback with grace and approached the topic with enthusiasm. It was contagious and made the process all the better!

Mom & Adam- You put in a large window! We could not have moved forward with ANY of process if it were not for you. Thank you! Mom, thank you for making the curtains and drawing the pictures. They enhance the room so much and we think of you every time we look at them!

Jeff (Alex’s dad)- Thank you always coming to our rescue and fixing things in our little home. You are always so great to come over and hang shelves, drywall, paint, and whatever other crazy things we need help with. You help make our apartment our home, and for that I will always be grateful!

Thank you everyone! We couldn’t have gotten this far without you!

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