11. We are MOMS!

adoption foster foster care kids pre-placement May 13, 2016

Sarah here, Hello everyone! We can officially say we are moms. Wow, that is crazy! It has been about 5 and a half months we have been on this journey and the day has come! We got the call at about 1:30pm on Tuesday 5/10. There are two boys that need a loving home. Are we open. We talked about the situation that brought them into care (well, what the told us at least) as well as what they knew about the kiddos. We decided to say yes. They were dropped off by 3:30pm!

Meet our new family. Little M and Little V. Little M is four and a half and little V is 18 months.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIJNUvC8E9w%5D

The first 48 hours were a whirlwind. We learned about dietary restrictions the boys may have which lead us to the store to shop for things we didn’t keep in the house. Lactose intolerance in a family that eats cheese multiple times a day?! OH NO!! We were NOT prepared for a 4 year old, so we needed to grab clothes and cups for him. We grabbed the bare bones essentials and went home to meet the little ones. We are still on the hunt for things to help our lives be easier. Thank heavens for Facebook groups that people use to get rid of old kids things!

Getting to know the littles. We were told Little M has ADHD… we haven’t seen that yet. He seems to be a frustrated 4.5 year old that is trying to figure out his little world. He likes to test boundaries… oh wait, he’s FOUR. Of course he does!  Little M is OBSESSED with lights. If you know of any tours in the Wisconsin area (we love car time) that he can learn about lights, PLEASE comment! Little V is a sweetheart. He’s overwhelmed with the situation but is handling it well. He’s a mover and a shaker that loves following his big brother around. We are working on teaching OK behaviors around dogs and the house rules. Rule 3- If you break it, it won’t be replaced. We have tons of toys, so if we lose a couple, we are not replacing them right away. That rule seems to be helping a bit. Little M does great with hearing and having the rules explained to him. That way he knows how to act in order to get big smiles!

We will be looking for a learning tower for the kitchen so that they are able to help. Little M seems to want to help with things.

Day one we were able to try out a night time routine and it seems to be working. Play time, dinner, bath time, teeth brushing, books, potty, bed by 7:30. That’s a busy few hours! The good thing is that they seem OK with bedtime at 7:30 even if that means little M lays in bed with some toys for an hour quietly. We’ll take it! Night one, both boys slept through the night!!!!! WOW! The last two nights we have gotten up around 12:30am for bottles and snuggles but little V goes right back to sleep and sleeps the rest of the night.

We were warned that a LOT of people would be calling us. They were right! My phone has been ringing off the hook over the last few days. We had to get them checked out at a doctor within the first week… check. We had to schedule visits.. check. We had to add the transfer meeting to our calendar… check. We had to be introduced to no less than 6 people… check… names, still a little fuzzy!

This is a hard time for everyone involved and we thank you all for being supportive and patient while we figure this out the best possible. Once we get more situated, we will start introducing the littles to friends and family. We just don’t want to overwhelm then anymore than they already are!

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