10. Getting Showered

adoption foster foster care kids pre-placement May 09, 2016

Alex here! First of all, I would like to wish the mothers, moms, mamas, and mums out there a very happy Mother’s Day! Sarah and I were hoping to go by Mama S & Mama A by Mother’s Day but we are still patiently waiting for that phone to ring. We were celebrated as soon-to-be-moms this weekend though. Sarah’s sister, Heather, was kind enough to host a baby shower for us. It was a wonderful afternoon and our family and friends certainly did a good job of getting us set up for the placement call. We had registered at Target and Amazon. Not knowing the gender or age of the child we registered for a range of items but a lot of the basics and essentials.  In the invitation Heather noted that gift cards were more than welcome and that Sarah and I wanted books. We were hoping people would share their favorites with us and perhaps introduce us to some new foster related books.
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnkF6FrlYQg%5D

Like any good shower, Heather had games prepared. The first was a multiple choice trivia game focused around foster/adoption statistics locally and nationally. This was great as it educated our family and friends of the need to foster and why we were called to open our homes. It was interesting to see the looks on everyone’s face as the answers were read. The second game called for volunteers. Sarah, her sister-in-law, and I were each given a bottle that was half filled with apple juice. The objective was to see who could finish the bottle first. Easy, right? WRONG! It was very difficult but a lot of fun.

Pre-shower weekend I knew we had enough to get us started but was mentally prepared to make a run to the store shortly after taking placement (see previous post). We had enough to take placement and make it through the day or night (depending on when the call came in) but I knew a trip to the store would happen sooner than later. Post-shower weekend I can say we are set! No rushing to the store needed! We now have utensils, extra bedding, plates, cups, and gift cards & cash on standby for diaper and food needs. Saturday after unloading we organized (and yes, played with the new toys) and made a list. We made two Target runs to fill in some gaps. My mom gave us an umbrella stroller that looks like a shark (I love it!) but we also picked up a big stroller for longer trips. We picked up some alphabet floor mats for the kiddos room, and picked up some other pieces to the larger parenting puzzle.

How cool would it have been to get the call during the shower? Oh well  Back to the waiting game!

Thank you all who made this weekend special for us. We know we couldn’t undertake such a momentous task without your love and support!

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